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1959 Jaguar MK1X

 Price: $30,000

Make: Jaguar

Location: Winnipeg

1959 Jaguar Mark 1X Salon

3.8 litre 6 cyl 

Vin 40272

showing 17,537 miles (117,537)

This car was bought as a birthday present for John’s 70th birthday two years ago. Unfortunately he passed away in early spring and was not able to enjoy the car as he would like to have. The story that comes with the car which unfortunately has no documentation was that it was brought over from Britain for the British ambassador in Ottawa, Canada. 

John’s wife between last fall and this spring has spent almost $12,000 going through the car and doing the things that needed i.e. Brakes, front end, fuel pump, reline gas tank etc.

The car requires a front end alignment. While driving there is evidence of smoke coming out the tailpipes.

There is evidence of paint bubbles on the bottom of the doors and on both side rocker panels and bottom of rear fenders. Undercarriage of car is solid.

Please call me directly with any specific questions  Jim Higham 204.997.4636