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1989 Honda Gold Wing 1500 GL 1500

 Asking Price: $9,900

Make: Honda

Location: Winnipeg

1989 Gold Wing GL 1500 Goldwing with California side car both in excellent condition. Imported from the U.S to Canada a few years ago, this bike has only 15.457 miles. This bike had a safety and while the Goldwing mechanic was working on it he went over it to make sure that it would be trouble free. He changed the fork seals and brakes front and back. He changed the timing belts and cleaned and synchronized the carbs. He said it has stiffer fork springs and is nicely set up for the side car. I put on 5,000 miles and found it to be both reliable and a pleasure to drive with the side car and without. It has been well maintained with regular services.

This bike comes with all the options such as; reverse, air ride suspension, adjustable windscreen with vent am/FM/cassette radio and CB, cruise control, plenty of lockable storage space factory tool kit, tire gauge and manual and electronic service manual on a thumb drive. It also has an air hose in the saddle bag if you or your friends need to add air to your tires.

The side car is installed correctly and is a lot of fun for kids, taking your dog or just to have extra storage for that long trip. The sidecar has a seat for one adult and has not only a windscreen but a convertible top with removable side panels which completely keep out the rain. It has a quick disconnect which allows you to attach it or detach it in 5 minutes. The bike has plenty of power for the sidecar and it handles so well that you forget you have it attached. It is also nice that you don’t have to put your foot down at all stops.
These Goldwing’s with a proper side car installed are very hard to come by and in my opinion, anyone can ride it comfortably. The bike itself will go many hundreds of thousands of miles. The bike has a current safety inspection.The body condition of the motorcycle and sidecar are considered good with some scratches and minor damage to cowling with normal wear for its age.