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About Jim

Jim Higham is a long time resident of Winnipeg. A dedicated husband, father and grandfather, he lives with Cathy, his wife of 40 years.

Jim was trained as a construction diver and worked as such for 23 years. He always had a love for old cars and bought his first classic, a 1958 Dodge Coronet back in 1988.

His father Art, a pioneer in the field of airplane mechanics, soon caught the ‘fever’ after borrowing Jim’s car for several ‘Cruizin’ Sundays. Together they decided to buy and restore old cars. Jim was in charge of finding the cars, and also renewed the interiors (he had worked as an upholster before pursuing his diving career). Art was in charge of mechanics. Although Chrysler ‘fin era’ cars were their favorites, they also restored many others, including a 1962 Mercury and a 1930 Austin.

Upon Art’s death, Jim was unsure that he wanted to continue with their plans of opening a classic car restoration and sales business. It was at this time that Jim was invited to act as curator, and manage the inventory, of a soon to open Classic and Antique Automobile museum. Excited at the opportunity to fulfill a life long dream, he accepted the offer, and the challenges which came with it.

The building that would act as the museum was under construction. Upon completion, it would house approximately 75 cars. Jim began the task of finding suitable, museum quality vehicles, that would be of interest to the paying public. The Tin Lizzie Car Museum opened its doors on May 7th 1997.

After numerous inquiries from museum visitors about cars that might be for sale, Jim decided that selling cars would be of financial benefit to the museum, and would also provide a much needed service to people who were looking to either buy or sell Classic and Antique automobiles.

Regrettably, the Tin Lizzie Automobile Museum closed its doors in December 2002. The cars housed at the museum were in need of a storage facility.   Undaunted, Jim located a warehouse to accommodate the cars and still continues to provide the service of car storage and of bringing buyers and sellers together.

Jim has helped interested parties buy and sell hundreds of cars, trucks, motorcycles and pieces of memorabilia. He has dedicated himself to find the best deal for both buyer and seller, ensuring that everyone walks away happy and satisfied.